An unusual review

Recently, I was asked to judge upon a specific „Heurigen“ in Perchtoldsdorf. I have no idea why I have written this in English. Probably, I have to tell about this specific institution in Vienna so often to foreigners that I automatically switch to English.

Actually, I am not the typical „Heurigen“-visitor. But I visit regularly after the visit of a local sauna place. (And those visits are frequent as I have a ticket for the whole year. )

Please be informed about „Heuriger“ in detail here:

In the meanwhile a „Buschenschank“ (which formerly was not legalized to serve warm food) very often has also a licence as restaurant and serves cold and warm dishes.
But it has its cycles of open and closed weeks. Yesterday was the last day of one of the opening seasons. And the first time I saw the offer of special wine related gifts and also special wines – like the Spätrot Rotgipfler. This is a very special wine that is know actually only in a part of Lower Austria. – But my reasons for liking this place are twofold. First it is one of the very few places which serve „Beef tartare“, a sort of raw grounded beef minced with a lot of spices. It is served in a way that you can select your own spices the way you want it. Secondly, this place serves a „Bowle“ even at winter times, Aoart from those two specialties I would add that the general warm dishes which you can expect at a „Heurigen“ are also recommendable. (As is the case in almost all of the Heurigens in Perchtoldsdorf. Perchtoldsdorf is a little village belonging to Lower Austria, however the telefon connections are Vienna connections! One know the term „Heurigen“ especially with a sub-district of Vienna, the name being Grinzing. But of course, there are many such places, too many to list them here. It would be good to write a complete article just about the cultural life in Vienna’s Heurigen. But the Mayer has specialties of its own 🙂

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